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Sunday, April 15, 2007 9:49 AM


Unfortunately, our computer crashed so I was unable to finish my posts on the resurrection of Christ. At this point I feel I should move on as that season of the year has passed. So here I go again.

"The Big Three?"

What are "The Big Three"?
1. Where did I come from?-The question of Origin
2. Who am I?-The question of Being/Purpose
3. Where am I going?-The question of Destination

I will begin an attempt to look (not necessarily comprehensively, but definitely very simplistically) at the first of these three questions because the first determines the other two, i.e what I believe about my origins determines how I live my life and, where and how I will end. It seems that everyone on the face of this planet either intentionally or unintentionally ends up asking at least one of "The Big Three". Scripture puts all three of these questions much more succinctly when it asks, "What is man that Thou art mindful of him...?" (Ps 8:4). Now, there are two main veins of thought related to this question-intelligent design and evolution. Please understand that I use these two terms to encompass a great many ideas and philosophies (i.e. very loosely). Intelligent design would cover everything from Christianity to the belief that "little green men" came to earth and "seeded" it so life could start here on this planet. Evolution would encompass everything that argues against any type of intelligent design. Of these two veins of thought I will discuss the first-intelligent design-and of all the ideas that intelligent design encompasses I will again narrow these posts to that of creationism from a Christian perspective. Also, please allow me to state very clearly that I am not including "theological evolution" as that is akin to something like "Amish-techno" music, i.e it goes beyond being an oxy moron like "jumbo-shrimp" or "wild-justice", and beyond being a simple literary paradox. "Theolgical evolution" is simply an attempt to combine two beliefs that are contradictory (not compatible). It appears that the preliminaries have taken up more time then I had anticipated. I will continue with this next Sunday and begin by discussing Psalm 8.

"Simul iustus et peccator"*

*Martin Luther

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